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Multi-Purpose Ladder

Designed for wide range of application demand from household to DIY works.

Configurable working mode with quick transformation hinge. One ladder does it all!!!

Quick Folding Mechanism: –

Provides high speed transformation and rigidity eliminates conventional spreader.

Multi Application: -

Wide range of application. Ladder can be formed into A Frame, Step Straight Ladder, Work bench, stairwell ladder, and up to 10 different configurations. When folded, it is compact enough to be stored or transported with ease. Provide stability and versatility for the most demanding jobs.

Sturdy Design

Rigid box section stiles provide superior strength, spreaded legs provide better stability, serrated anti-slip square rungs complete the rigid structure construction.

Rubber Shoe

High grip unique profile design ensures highest level of grip on all forms of functional mode.


Load Capacity150 kg
TypeType 1 A Duty rating
Step Difference28 cm
Width36.3 cm
Tube63 cm x 2.5 cm

Spreader bars for additional stability 3 year warranty

Product CodeMPL-00001MPL-00002MPL-00003MPL-00004MPL-00005
No. of Rungs1012141618
A Type Heightcm126154180210235
Rung Intervalcm2828282828
Leg Spreadcm5353535353
Extended Lengthcm257314370428453
Folded Heightcm75104104135135

Wide range of application due to quick height adjustment and transformation in different forms. Ladder can be formed into self-supporting ladder, lean-to ladder and many different configurations. When folded, it is compact and easy to be stored or Transported.

Height Converter

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