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Warehouse Ladder

Warehouse Ladder, comes in handy when you need to carry bulky items up and down on a ladder. With the stair type ladder you are able to climb safely toward and away from your ladder. Handrails are placed on the side as well as on the top, for user safety and stability. Casters are built in providing mobility for your ladder. You can get rolling warehouse ladders with steps ranging from 4 steps to 16 steps with treads on every step.


Warehouse ladders are manufactured of Aluminium Profile. The main advantage of aluminium over the steel is, it weighs less, and aluminium doesn’t corrode like steel and can be used in food processing and chemical plants.

  • Ideal for high frequency stock picking applications
  • All welded construction
  • Wide treads for superior durability
  • 90 cm high hand rails on 3 sides to meet Work Cover requirements
  • Safety gate included as standard
  • 150kg Heavy Duty Industrial Load Rating
  • Non- marking caster. Movable with dual pedal brake mechanism.
  • Light weight and strong.
Step IntervalPlat Dimension(cm)Plat to Top Height/Guardrail HeightProduct CodeNo. of TreadsOverall HeightPlatform HeightLengthOverall WidthProduct WeightStep Depth
20 cm62 x 50100 cmFG-WL-0000142m100 cm160 cm75 cm47.5 kg15 cm
20 cm77 x 5090 cmFG-WL-0000282.9m203 cm220 cm90 cm 64 kg15 cm
20 cm105 x 5096 cmFG-WL-00003185m401 cm400 cm120 cm152 kg15 cm

Height Converter

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