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Welcome to Our Organization

We are one of the leading "Ladder manufacturer" and "ladder supplier "across G.C.C and middle east..Our range of ladders include.."Dual Purpose ladder","A shape Ladder","Single pole ladder","Foldable Ladder","Foldable platform ladder","Warehouse ladder","Podium steps".. Our "Aluminium scaffolding rental division" is doing short term and long term "rental of aluminium scaffolds"..Our range of "scaffold hire" includes narrow single width and wider double width towers

Ascend Access System specializes in the manufacturing of Aluminum Mobile Scaffolds and Aluminum Ladders. Our scaffolding range offers simplicity, durability, mobility giving you the versatility to suite most application e.g.

Electromechanical Companies, Advertising / Sign Making Companies, Maintenance Companies, Oilfield Contractors, Ship Building & Ship Repairs, Interior Decorators, Cleaning Companies, Insulation Companies, Lighting Suppliers, Home Handy Man, are increasingly purchasing our safe and versatile Aluminum Scaffolding Tower.

Safety is very important to us & having a right tool for your job is important to you

Ascend Scaffolding System is one of the safest and strongest access solution available. They suite a range of application and industries and provide better work place safety and increase productivity

Our Service is Fast, efficient and timely. We offer a variety of solution that include: Light Weight Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding, Mobile Stairway Towers, Foldable Narrow Towers, Combination Tower

Featured Products


Podium Steps ( MINI POD )

Caster Wheels

Foldable Tower ( QUICKR )

Fiberglass Straight Ladder

Single Width Span 50 Ladder Frame Mobile Tower

Height Converter

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