Double Width Span 33 Stairway Tower

Stairway is a versatile unit which can easily convert Span 33 Double Width Mobile Tower Components into a stairway tower. It provides:

  • Safe landing every 2M.
  • Safe working load of 250kg per platform level up to a maximum of 750kg per tower (Including tower self weight).
  • Deck board edge protection by Aluminium Deck profile. Easy to use toe board system.
  • Whole life support includes manufacture’s repair service.
  • Stairway can be placed both zig zag and parallel.
  • Equipped with construction manual and labels

Technical feature:

Adjustable leg up to 30cm.

Working Platform Dimension - (139 x 255) cm

Capacity – 200kg/ sq m

Number of steps in a Stair, including landing - 10

Stair Steps Distance - 19 cm

Aluminium Alloy – 6061 T6

Stair Width – 55 cm

Stair Top Landing Dimension – (55 x 39) cm

Stair Bottom Landing Dimension – (55 x 29) cm

Step Depth – 15 cm

Stair Side Tube Dimension – (100 x 30 x 2) mm

Stair Steps Tube Dimension – (150 x 25 x 2.5) mm

Handrail Right 3.42 kg
Handrail Left 4.88 kg
Handrail Top 3.88 kg
Stair Weight 22.14 kg
  • Integral stairway and handrail system is ideal for frequent ascend and descend inside the tower.
  • Safe and simple to transport equipment on a scaffold tower.
  • Easy assembly and dismantling.
  • Equipped with antislip profile on stairs.
  • Stairway and platform equipped with windlock security system.
  • Stairway steps are 15 cm deep with a clear width of 49 cm making it easy to carry tools. The step rise is 19 cm.
  • Stairway large trapdoor platform – The light weight walk thru platform which is larger than standard trapdoor platform provides additional head clearance while climbing the tower and ease of access to the working level.
  • Easily detachable handrails available for both the side of stairs.
  • The standard and trapdoor platform provides a larger working area and complete top working level, with easy attach toe boards.

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