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Podium Assembly Instruction

Kit List – Podium 1m & 1.3m

4 x Castors 15 cm

2 x Stabilizers 200 cm

2 x Podium Steps

1 x Podium Platform

1 x Foldable Podium base unit

2 x Horizontal Brace

Step Dimension – (36 x 78) cm

Platform Dimension – (55 x 78) cm

Step by step guide

1. Open the unit on a firm and level base, lock caster wheels. See Pic A.

2. Lock the folding gate at the back ensure that the knuckle mechanisms have engaged. Fit one horizontal brace on the lower rung.See Pic B.

3. Fit the small platforms on rung 1 & 2 to form the steps up to the platform. See Pic C & D.

4. Fit the working platform on the 3rd rung. See Pic E.

5. Fit stabilizers, left & right. Ascend to the platform using the step platforms as steps. See Pic F.

6 Once the platform is accessed, close the gate behind; ensure that the clips are engaged.

SAFETY: Do not over reach out of the unit and do not move the unit by pulling yourself along whilst on the platform.

Height Converter

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